Okay, okay, I know I don't look like a "real Dalmatian" but I do have some white fur with black spots on my chest and my front feet! The rural shelter that picked me up as a stray asked for help to save me because I'm a very friendly dog, so CCDAL took me in as a "Lab/Dalmatian mix." Maybe I'm a lab/pointer mix...just pick a combination that you like! The bottom line is that I'm big, I'm mostly black, and I'm friendly.

I'm a year and a half old; I'm a little "skinny" right now at 53.2 pounds, but with some good food, I expect to top out at about 60 or 65 pounds. I've been tested for all the usual parasites (I don't have any, so Yeah!), and I'll have my final round of vaccines in the middle of May. Once that happens, I'll be good to go to my furever home!

If you have a household that can handle a rambunctious adolescent dog and are willing to take me through obedience classes so I will understand what you expect from me for our next 15 years together, then I could be the dog for you! Fill out an application form so you can come meet me.


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information.

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