Rosie has had a sad life with only a few bright spots up until now. Her first owner loved her, but when his girlfriend moved in, Rosie got tied outside to a tree, along with her Black Lab brother...for the next 5 years! Then when the owner moved away, he just left both dogs tied to a tree.

When Rosie's brother died, her plaintive cries changed from boredom to grief. A kindly neighbor noticed, and took Rosie into her home. Unfortunately, the rescuer already had dogs of her own and could not afford to take on another one, so she called CCDAL. We picked Rosie up, took her straight to our vet, brought her vaccines up to date, had her tested for tick-born diseases including heartworm (surprisingly, all negative), and gave her a good checkup. Aside from being overweight and having weak back legs (probably from not being able to move very far from her tree for so long, she's in pretty good shape.

Rosie went home that same day with her new foster mom. Rosie met her foster dad, her two Dalmatian sisters, a cute cat, and a yard full of ducks--lots of new and wonderful smells! Best of all she has two humans who have put her on a diet and exercise program. She has gone from waddling and needing help getting up the steps to managing the steps just fine and taking the occasional JOG! Rosie has a bit to go on the weight-loss program, but she is working hard at it. Soon she will be not only sweet and cheerful but shapely.

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