Hello, I am Ruble and I am a 2-3 year old neutered male Dalmatian mix. My family fell on hard times and recently lost their house. When the animal control officer picked me up, I was living in a car with my family. I was then brought to the same animal shelter as Rupert (see his web page) where everyone was very nice, but I missed my family very much.

When no one came for me or adopted me, the shelter director made a final plea (the day before I was to be put to sleep) to Rupert's foster family and thankfully they arranged to have me vetted and come to their home. I am now living with my foster mommy, daddy, and a very energetic six year old boy (who I run in the yard with and play ball with!) as well as five other Dalmatians (Harry and Rupert and my foster family's three other Dalmatians).

I am housebroken and have not had an accident in the house yet! Foster mommy says this is excellent because she usually expects several understandable accidents when a new dog arrives at her house. I am also very friendly, agile, loving, and love my dog bed or a soft place to lie on! I also would love a buddy around my age to romp and play with!

I am told that I walk very well on the leash and loved it when the little boy of the family walked me! I am also told that I am very smart and am learning sit, stay, down, and to play with my toys and not foster mommy's hand or arm (still a puppy!). I am a little skinny from my ordeal, but am working on gaining weight and have excellent muscle tone. I will "talk" to you or the other dogs when I want to "ask permission" to share a dog bed and very quietly sleep through the night at the foot of the little boy's bed. I am up to date on my shots, heartworm negative (and on preventative), as well as very healthy. I would love to have a family of my own and even a playmate! If you think I am right for you and/or your family, please fill out an application.

Note from Foster Mom: Just as an FYI, Ruble will need a fenced in yard and a family who can appreciate his smartness. Along with jumping my high baby gates like they are nothing, he jumps my porch railing to get to the back yard. We discovered today that he can not only open the screen door but the French door as well and either get in the house or out of the house. Rupert and Ruble met my husband at the gate, so he succeeded in breaking out a buddy! Anyway, he is going to be a challenge because he is smart, but he is very sweet, loyal, and loving. He also has long periods of calm and will just lie next to you or with you. He really is the best combination of both - energetic but calm.


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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