Rupert is a fun, energetic, loving, little fellow that we believe is a Dalmatian Beagle mix. If you are looking for a smaller Dal that will just about fit in your lap, he is the one for you! He has one fault...he likes to guard his "resources." If he has a toy, he wants to keep it. If he's getting attention, he doesn't want anyone trying to get in on the action. Because of this, he isn't recommended for a home with small children.

He was left at an animal shelter in their outdoor pen sometime in the evening so little information was known about him. The shelter workers showed up in the morning and there was Rupert waiting for them! He was a favorite at the shelter and they worked hard to get him into a rescue. We placed him in a great home, and they did everything right, but Rupert was too competitive to be with the very young children.

We estimate that he is around 2 years old although he could be younger because he is very curious and loves his toys. He loves to go on walks and be around his foster family as well as curl up and snuggle. He will also play and play with members of his family as well as his toys and it is his mission in life to get the squeaker out of a squeaky toy! He will dance on his back legs when he is excited to see you or when he wants a treat and knows sit very well. Rupert is neutered, up to date on shots, healthy, and on heartworm/flea/tick preventative. If you are interested in Rupert, please fill out an online application!


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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