SALLY (Courtesy Posting)

Sally is a five-year old spayed Dalmatian with updated shots. She is very sweet, gentle-natured, and she is small for a Dalmatian.

People often ask if she is a puppy because she is so small and cute and energetic. People also often remark about how relaxed and mellow she is. Sally is friendly and great with adults, kids, and other animals. She does not chew, bite, or dig, and almost never barks. She is very obedient and eager to please.

Sally's two main loves are walks (the longer the better) and naps (the longer the better). She definitely needs both of these daily. She does well alone in the house up to about 10 hours. Sally has a skin allergy that is being managed with antibiotic medication that she responds well to and will need to continue. Sally is a wonderful, beautiful dog and a great member of the family.

For more information, contact Eric Ford at (or click on the link below) or call Elisa at Cell: 206-715-0054.


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