Hi! I am Scooby (the bigger one!) and I would like to tell you a little about myself and my father, Bandit (the skinnier one!). We are purebred, neutered, Dalmatians, 7-8 and 8-9 years old, that fell on some rough times recently. Our family, who had us since we were puppies, lost their home due to financial issues and put us in a boarding facility at our vet's for two months while they tried to find a home for us. Unfortunately, that did not happen and we were taken to the local shelter. At this point, we were really scared and lonely and confused as to what was going on and why we did not get to go home with our family. Bandit would curl up in a ball and shake, but we stuck together as much as possible. I was adopted and then returned to the shelter a little while later which stressed both of us out even more. I was overjoyed to see Bandit again, but he had lost weight and we were still in a situation that made us very sad and depressed.

Finally, we were sprung by a very nice lady who got all the nasty biting bugs off us and helped drive us to our foster home. We met a lot of nice people on the way to our foster home and we were perfect gentlemen with everyone during the car rides. On the last leg of our journey, we shared the car with another female Dalmatian! We were just settling in at our new foster home where we were off to the vet for full physicals including bloodwork, heartworm combination test and urinalysis. Our foster mommy was worried that Bandit had a urinary tract infection and that he was too skinny. We were champs at the vet's even though we had to stay the night due to an appointment mix-up and some emergencies at the vet's office. The kennel attendant inquired about adopting us and when the vet read about our journey over the past few months, she could not believe how calm and well-mannered we were during our exams.

Thankfully, we were both heartworm negative and immediately put on preventatives for everything! I was in perfect health and my bloodwork was even wonderful! Bandit is in good health but has a bad urinary tract infection and he is halfway though his course of antibiotics and will go for follow-up tests to make sure his kidneys were not affected. He is also gaining weight now and "sitting pretty" for bones (he is such a show off!). I wait until I really have to sit down for my bone (I'm testing my limits), but I am working on it because this "sit" thing seems very important to my foster mommy and I aim to please. We both had baths that were tolerable but not our favorite thing to do. then a few days later our foster mommy put some cold drops between our shoulder blades. She said it was to keep the itching bugs and others away. We liked that so we stood still and quiet to make sure every drop made it on our fur...we've had enough bugs in our life!!

We love everyone in our foster family which includes mommy, daddy, their six year old son and three Dalmatians (two alpha females and one male). Their son is full of energy all the time, but we rest up and behave while everyone is gone (something about "work to pay for bones" and "school to ultimately get a job to pay for bones") so we are ready for action when they come home again.

We enjoy our other Dal buddies and we all walk and run in our fenced in yard together. I will do a happy dance when my foster mommy runs with me! At night when everyone else goes upstairs, we are content to curl up together on our doggy beds in the office--even though we could sleep on the sofa and have access to the upstairs. We both love attention and will sit quietly and wag our tails while we receive lots of pats. I will give you my paw to let you know I would like some more love and pats. If you would like to see if we would fit in your home, please apply for us!! We would love a family of our own!!


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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