Hi. I'm Sidney, a 5-7 year old neutered male Dalmatian looking for one or more humans to participate in a research study. The length of this study will be determined at a later date, but the goal of the study is to see how many humans can read my mind. I will think of an action that I wish you would do for me, then I will wait to see if you can read my mind. Thoughts may be: "feed me," "hold me," "feed me," "let me go outside," "FEED ME," "pet me," or "rub my ears." Other thoughts may be added as you get to know me!

Since I am so inquisative and love to participate in "studies," you might also be able to help me with my issues about my identity. Sometimes I'm a shadow, just following you around from place to place. Other times I think I should actually be part of your body, but as yet I've been unable to get close enough to actually make that happen...though I've really, really tried! I am looking for one or more humans to help me explore this issue.

I am a very sweet and loving dog. My personality changes based on what my human lets me get away with at the moment. I LOVE to sit with you and be petted, I could do this for hours. I may follow you around (and walk with my shoulder against your leg), but with other humans, I am happy to be in the same room with them. With little people, I love to sit and kiss them but will also try to steal their play dough. I am learning how to sit. I already know how to howl at emergency vehicles and look very cute when I'm howling! I am very smart and am able to break out of my crate, but my foster mom is smarter because she has used plastic ties to keep me in my crate.

I look forward to meeting you and getting my ears rubbed.


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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