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Incorporation (Our State Incorporation Certificate)
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By-Laws (Our Latest By-Laws)
Contacts (Who to call and how to reach them)
Frequently Asked Questions (If your question isn't answered here, see Contacts!)

ANGELS (A public "Thank You" to all our wonderful adopters, volunteers and supporters)
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Available from CCDAL (Dogs being placed by CCDAL)
(Home Page)
Courtesy Postings (Dogs being placed by their owners or rescuers)
Adopted Dogs (Dogs successfully moved to their Forever Homes)
Other Rescue Sites (Other possible sources for rescued Dalmatians)

HELPFUL LINKS (Sources for helpful information about dogs and dog ownership)
Angel Ashes (Offers pet urns to memorialize your beloved friend.)
Dalmatians (101 Things you should know about the breed)
Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters (Resource for pet sitters, dog walkers, and doggy day care)
Health (General health related topics)
Maryland Pet Gazette (Source of other breed rescues, pet-friendly apartments, health issues, etc.)
Miscellaneous (Various topics of interest to all dog owners)
Pet Friendly Hotels - Hotels that allow pets! ( specialize in hotels that allow pets to stay. They are the one-stop-shop for all your pet travel needs, from a one night stay to a complete vacation package including car, airfare and hotel. All 100% pet friendly)
Safety (Ways to protect your doggie friend)
Training and Behavior (General suggestions and theories)
Travel and Transportation (Ways to keep your friend with you instead of in a kennel)

STORIES (Painless way to learn about dog ownership responsibilities)
A Day in Rescue (What we do in our "Spare Time"!)
A Puppy Story (Want to think twice?)
Adoption (For an older dog, a new leash on life!))
How Could You? (Will your pet end up like this?)
My Foster Dog is Beautiful (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!)
Rescue Dogs (We all come with baggage!)
Rainbow Bridge - Rescuer Version (What happens when a dog dies?)

Adopt (Find out the process)
Attend an Event (Come on out and meet us)
Why Donate (Reasons to do it)
Foster (Do you have room for a temporary house guest?)
Ways to Donate (How to do it)
Sponsor a Special Needs Dal (Help us go the extra mile)
Volunteer (Find out other ways you can help)
Wish List (Some of the things we could put to good use)

What is the Process?
Are You Ready? (Plan)
Before You Adopt (Prepare)
Is a Dalmatian for You? (Research)
Application Review (Tell us all about you)
Vet Check (Responsibly manage your pet's health)
House Check (Meet the whole family and all pets)
Contract (Make it all legal)
Follow Up (When you adopt from us, we adopt you)

Courtesy Posting Questionnaire (If you would like us to list your Dalmatian for adoption on our Courtesy Page)

Owner Surrender Agreement (If you want to turn your Dalmatian over to CCDAL--complete this form, but ONLY after we agree to take your dog!)

Medical Record - Microsoft Word
Temperament Evaluation - .PDF version
Veterinary Records Release - Microsoft Word

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