UPDATE: Socks has improved with medication and is being weened off of it now. She is still a little shy and uncertain, but is MUCH improved over her last report. She eats well, is now reliably housebroken (when she goes outside of her own accord!), but will still urinate if you try to lead her by her collar or cut her nails. Stay tuned for another status report.

UPDATE: Socks has been placed on medications to help her through her fears. Being afraid of people is no way to live when you are a really cute and loving dog; but, as much as she seems to want to be close, her fear gets the better of her. Her vet is hoping that the medication will help. The plan is to give it a month or two and see if she improves. Keep watching for updates.

Introducing Socks.....CCDAL's first "Labmatian"!! We believe Socks has a Dalmatian head and a labrador retriever body, so she is a beautiful Labmatian! She also looks like she has socks on with her white paws and black body.

Our first time meeting Socks was a little terrifying for her. She didn't want to leave the transporter's crate and get into her foster mom's crate for the last leg of her journey to a new life.

Socks was an owner surrender to a rural shelter and had spent her entire life in an outdoor pen. When the owner passed away, the family brought her to the shelter. Socks was very scared and not sure what was going on or who to trust. She had a wonderful shelter volunteer who worked very hard to find her a safe place where she could learn to trust.

Socks was transported to CCDAL the Saturday before Easter. She was very nervous, but did not make a peep during transport and sat nicely in her crate. Her foster mom is patiently working with her so she can learn how wonderful the world can be! She will come up to her foster mom to have her face rubbed and wags her tail, but will back away if her foster mom tries to pet down her body. She loves food and that helps motivate her to learn new things! She so wants to trust and will get there!

We already know that she can "smile" when she is happy (see picture below).
Socks is believed to be about 5 years old, has been spayed, microchipped, received all shots, is heartworm negative and on preventative, and is being fostered with Katie. If you are interested in adopting her, please fill out an application and watch her page for how she is progressing!

August 30, 2016

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