SPOTTY (Courtesy Posting)

Spotty is a sweet tempered 6 to 7 year old female. She is current on all shots, is on HeartGuard, and is spayed. She is small for a Dal--she is about 40 lbs. She is quiet and shy but loves attention. She gets along with other dogs and cats. Due to her small size, she would love a smaller dog as a companion to romp with in the yard. She is Invisible Fence trained and likes to sleep in the sun out in the yard on warm days. Inside, she is often found snoozing on a dog bed with a sleeping cat by her side. Spotty is good with children and loves to give face licks! She will do tricks for biscuits ("paw", "shake", and "up" are her favorites). Like many Dals, she "smiles".

She loves to go for walks and car rides. She has beautiful markings and is always the center of attention when we take her out in public. She loves to be cuddled and petted and her tail goes a mile a minute when you look at her. We adopted Spotty at age 1 from a local shelter and sadly must give her up to a family with more time to spend with her. She would like to be in a household where someone is home most of the time. She is a great companion.

Spotty lives in southern Fairfax County, Virginia. Please contact Gillian Dionne at (703) 246-0262 daytime, (703) 266-5380 evenings if you have space in your heart and home for Spotty.


Email Gillian Dionne at for more information.

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