This beautiful girl and her brother, Brave, were turned into the shelter together by their guardian because she lost her residence. These dear young Dals lost the only home they had known.

Squaw is 9 months old, nearly full grown but weighs less than 50 pounds, She is housebroken, crate-trained, and up-to-date on all required vaccines, gets along with older children, cats, and other dogs, and has a wonderful happy smile.

When the CCDAL rescue team found them, Squaw and Brave were together in the same kennel at the shelter. We took them out into the exercise yard for a closer look, and found they liked being where they could see each other. They are very attached to one another.

Now in foster care they have shown a great love of playing with all types of doggy friends. Their favorite game is "Chase the 9-month-old Beagle around the yard". The Beagle loves it because these two are active but gentle.

Squaw (shown at the front) and Brave (in the back) both love to cuddle with their foster folks. In short, these two are very much the Dalmatian puppies. They have been loved all their lives. They show no aggression toward any dogs or people. Individually or together they have love and beauty to give some lucky adopters.


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