Sterling is about 7 years old and ended up in a VA pound when his owner died. This poor guy must have lived a life full of hardships. When he was pulled from the shelter, he was scared but oh so friendly! His first expression was: "thank you for getting me out of this jail". Sterling has one of the most beautiful, gentle faces. He has a crystal blue eye and the other is brown. He is very underweight from his stay at the pound, but with love, good food, and attention, this guy will fill out and look great. Enough cannot be said about his fabulous temperment - he is now living in a foster home with 9 other Dals and he is the mellow one! He seldom barks except to go out, he is not destructive, and he is crate/house trained. Sterling is a dog that has the potential to be a pet therapy dog because he seems to sense that small children, physically challenged people, etc., need his special gentle touch.

Sterling carries with him a scar. On the back of his rump there is an area where all the fur is gone and just scar tissue remains. After being examined by the vets, the theory is that this wonderful dog was burned very badly. No one knows if this was intentional, but one thing is for sure, Sterling suffered a horrible situation. Yet, no one would know from his kind manner. If there was only one word to describe Sterling it would be that he is an Angel.


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