Target is about 4 years old. He appears to be a strange mix of dogs, but certainly has the temperament of a Dalmatian...loves to be near his people! Target is neutered and up to date on all vaccines. He is heartworm negative and on monthly preventative.

Even though we don't have any real information about his early life, we're guessing that it was far from ideal, which may be why he is so enthusiastic about being with people. He didn't seem familiar with doggie treats or toys, or eating human food, but we have educated him considerably in that regard. He now knows all about dog biscuits, french fries, pizza, cookies and a number of other little treats.

Target definitely likes people, even strangers, and he was certainly healthy and fit when we got him (rather unusual in rescue). He probably has been basically neglected for significant periods of time, and not had enough attention paid to him, but he obviously doesn't hold that against humans. He's just glad to be getting attention now.


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