Theo (top) and Cookie (bottom) are 10 and 9 years old respectively. Both were originally rescued by their previous owner and given a great home, but now he has reluctantly given up these two loving Dals because he had to move to Europe. Now this pair needs rescuing again.

Both of these Dalmatians are extremely well socialized to strangers, small children, and other dogs and cats. They have been neutered/spayed, are up to date on all shots (including Lyme vaccine), and on heartworm preventative. Both Theo and Cookie are house-, crate-, and obedience-trained. Because they are mature, they do not tear up things, which makes them very desirable family members. They have the most wonderful temperaments and would fit into any household, especially since they had once been accustomed to apartment/townhouse living.

Theo and Cookie are like Romeo and Juliet in that they are entirely devoted to each other. Theo has soft brown eyes and Cookie has sky blue eyes. They do everything together. They love each other so much that they will sleep in the same crate and share their food, water and toys. These two have been in long-term boarding for almost a year now, and they really need to have the compassion and love of a permanent home.

CCDAL is looking for a home that will be able to keep Theo and his beautiful girlfriend together. We have observed that both get very depressed if they are separated, and if they were adopted out separately, they would probably grieve for each other to the point that one or both would stop eating altogether. These gentle Dal souls are searching for a family that will give a well-behaved, loyal, and gentle “Dal Couple” a retirement home where they can live out their lives sharing their love for each other and their new parents.


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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