Hi, my name is Toby. My previous family moved and couldn't take me with them so they dropped me off at a shelter. I still have plenty of life in me yet, and you know what happens to older dogs at shelters -- so the nice people at CCDAL took me in. I like my foster family, but I've been in foster care for a long time and I want to find my forever family that I can spend the rest of my life with.

I'm a swinging senior about 12 years old. My interests include long walks, fine cuisine (premium dog food, raw baby carrots, peanut butter, dirt, small stones, paper, sticks, etc.), stimulating toys like the Kong and Buster Cube, car rides, and quiet evenings with my "special someone".

When I came to CCDAL I was really overweight. It was really hard, but my foster mom and dad helped me to lose the extra pounds. I feel a lot better now that I'm a sleek 54 pounds, and I have a definite spring in my step and more energy now. I still have some pain in my hind legs, though, and I take some pain medicine and joint supplements to help with that.

I'm really healthy for my age. I'm heartworm negative, and my kidney and liver values are good, but my urine isn't concentrated enough anymore, so I'm thirsty a lot and consequently have to urinate a lot (just like older humans). I take some medicines to help me "hold it" better, and with a good water and potty schedule, I don't have many accidents. I need to be walked on a leash and not left alone out in the yard because I sometimes eat things that I'm not supposed to (See "fine cuisine" above - I just can't help myself!)

Like most older people, I like a quiet environment, so a home with small children or really rambunctious younger dogs would not be good for me. I share my foster home with 2 other Dalmatians about 7-8 years old, and we get along fine, but they sometimes try to get me to play with them, and I'd rather lay quietly in my crate instead or next to my foster mom or dad.

Is there anyone out there who wants an "Oldie but Goodie"? Could you be my special someone?



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