Victor is a tall, handsome male Dalmatian who is just a great big love. He was adopted from the Maryland SPCA when we was about a year old and was recently returned to them at 12 years old when his family had to move and could not take him with them. The Maryland SPCA called us to see if we could come meet and evaluate him to see if there was room for him in our program. When the treasurer and vice-president (who is now his foster mom) of CCDAL arrived, they found a very lively senior who was happy to see everyone, but was very unsure of what was going on around him! He is deaf from aging (he was not born deaf) and his foster family is working on sign language with him.

Victor also loves to play with the other dogs in the house, play with his toys and run in the yard. He shares his home with a foster mom, foster dad, an active 11-year-old boy, and four other dogs--a big change from his previous life! While he had to learn some manners when he first arrived, now he is doing fine and he gets along well with everyone. He will play-bow and bark when he wants some attention or to play with the other dogs. He also loves table food and his foster family is working on curbing his begging when they are eating. Victor sleeps in his own bed next to his foster mommy and daddy's bed and is very happy there where he can see everyone and be comfortable. He is not destructive in the house and will wait patiently until his foster family returns home from work and school.

When Victor went to the vet for his physical, it was discovered that he was high Lyme positive, so he is currently undergoing a month's worth of antibiotics. He is also in bad need of a dental, and while he was at the vet's we did a blood panel to ensure he was healthy enough to be put under for dental work. His blood work showed no problems and that he is very healthy for his age, so he will have a dental after his Lyme Disease treatment is over. Victor also has a heart murmur so we did a chest X-ray and an EKG, neither of which showed any problems. We suspect his heart murmur was caused by his neglected teeth. Right now he takes his time eating his food and we are hoping that after the dental, his mouth will feel better and he will want to eat. We are also wondering if that is why he prefers softer people food. After two weeks of antibiotics for the Lyme disease, we can already see a big difference in him and we can tell he feels so much better!

Victor is current on all his shots, heartworm negative, microchipped, has no intestinal parasites, is on heartworm preventative, and overall he is very healthy for an older guy. If you are interested in adopting Victor, please fill out an application. If you would like to contribute to Victor's care, click here for ways to donate.


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