Winston was found running as a stray. Attempts to find his owner were unsuccessful, so he was taken to the vet where he sat quietly in the waiting area but was not particularly fond of some parts of his exam!

At 65 pounds, Winston is a healthy, good-sized Dalmatian. He is very affectionate, somewhat of a couch potato, and calm--although he likes to play with toys. He is housebroken and crate-trained, and minds his manners most of the time, but like all dogs he enjoys counter surfing and getting into the trash if left alone and uncrated.

Winston is very willing to learn. Though deaf, he knows hand signals for come, sit, down, and stay. He still pulls on the leash when he sees another dog, squirrel, or cat. When close to a cat he just stood and wagged his tail, but he hasn't been tested off-leash or in the house.


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