My name is Zeus and Iím 5 months old. My former owner kept me tied up outside all day without any shelter. Occasionally, one of my ownerís cats would come by to play and I would chase him/her to the end of my lead, just to get jerked back. The kids would come out and run around and play with me occasionally throughout the day, but never taught me any manners or obedience. I would do the typical ďpuppyĒ nipping. This made my owner think that I was a bad boy and could not be trained. At night, my former owner would take me inside and let me run wild jumping from couch to couch and then put me in my crate for the rest of the night. The first thing in the morning, I would be put back outside tied up alone.

When I was four months old, I was injured and wound up with a broken front leg. My former owner took me to the vet and the vet put a splint on my leg. She brought me home and put me back outside with no supervision or TLC. I was bored, so I chewed my splint off, further injuring my leg. I never received any other medical attention from my previous owner. My good neighbors, Tammy and Joyce, saw what was going on and called their friends who came to my rescue within three days of the call.

Dawn and Eleanor came and looked at me on Saturday, 10-25-03 around 10:00 am, and next thing I know, I was riding in their vehicle asleep on Eleanorís lap. When I woke up, I was in their loving home by 12 noon the same day! I went to their wonderful vet first thing Monday morning, 10-27-03, and immediately got the proper veterinarian attention that I so desperately needed. All of my shots are up to date, and I have started my heartworm preventative. However, because my injury was three weeks old and had started healing incorrectly, I had to be referred to a specialist to fix my broken bones. I had surgery on Tuesday, 10-28-03, to repair my leg. This special doctor had to re-break my bones to allow her to put my bone back in the elbow socket. Then she had to place a pin and screw in my elbow to hold it together. The blue bandage keeps my foot bent so I won't walk on it right now. I have been back for my first follow-up and got a good report. I still have at least one more week of strict limitations before I can start putting any weight on my leg. I am doing fine now and getting ready to start physical therapy to hopefully get full mobility back in my leg. I know it is going to be painful, but Dawn and Eleanor have promised me that I can go swimming to help me with the process! Iíve never been swimming, but Iím looking forward to it!

I have a sweet disposition and love people of all types. I am the talk of the neighborhood and have greeted several of my neighbors during my daily sun bathing! I am a magnet for children and am doing well with them. I havenít met a stranger yet! Dawn and Eleanor tell me that Iím a little goofy, but I donít mind. I am working on my obedience training and manners and hope to get that down pat very soon. I love riding in the car and taking in the new sights and sounds of my new environment. Weíll keep you updated on my progress.


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